Title of the center

WHO Collaborating Center for Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Community Mental Health



Yong-In Mental Hospital, Sangha-Dong, Giheug-Gu, Yong-In City, Gyeonggi Province,
449-769, South Korea

Tel: +82-31-288-0233

Fax : +82-31-288-0184

Staff of the center

Director: Tae- Yeon Hwang, MD, PhD

Deputy Director: Jong -Gook Lee, MD

Education and Training Coordinator: Yong- Kyu Kim, MD

Research Coordinator: Yong-Jin Suh , MD

Services and Program Coordinator: Jee -Hyun Kong, MSW / Seok -Young Lee, BA

Terms of reference of the center

To collaborate with the WHO in the development and provision of clinically effective psychiatric
rehabilitation and community mental health services in line with the Western Pacific Region Mental
Health Strategy.

To collaborate in training and education activities of the WHO's programs, the training and
re-orientation of mental health professionals and primary health care workers in order to develop
the attitudes, skills, and knowledge needed for modern mental health care.

To join the WHO's advocacy efforts in the field of mental health, with a devotion to increasing
awareness of both policy-makers and the general public of the importance of mental health
in Korea.

To conduct research on the cognitive and vocational functioning of mentally ill patients.

To conduct ongoing evaluations and clinical outcome studies of psychosocial rehabilitation